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[Announcement] We're doing a Minecraft Speedrun (yes, really)

Hey folks!

Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @shakao, @danielm, @hassan, and I for a very special livestream in which we will be speedrunning minecraft! Have any of us speedrun minecraft before? Definitely not. But don’t fear, dear forum user, as we will be using the power of coding to make it through.

What - Minecraft Speedrun (with coding)
When - 1:00 PM PDT on Wednesday, August 25th
Where -

The video will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards so don’t worry if you can’t make the livestream. This also isn’t the last time we’ll be doing this.

We’ll be using the following rules for the speedrun:

  1. Must be in survival the entire time
  2. No using slash commands
  3. No using the execute block (it just runs slash commands)
  4. No spawning end portals (must find a stronghold)
  5. No using the kill block to kill the ender dragon
  6. No bringing in prewritten code
  7. Everything else is fine

Additionally, we will be working in teams of two!

Tune in tomorrow, it’s sure to be weird.


Hello… It’s been a while.


TEAMS (team names will be the 3 coding options in makecode arcade and forum members in each team will be random)

Team Blocks!

  1. @danielm
  2. @livcheerful

Team JavaScript!

  1. @richard
  2. @hassan

Team Python!

  1. @jwunderl
  2. @shakao

Questions and stuff

you posted this at 9:00 PM EST which is… I think 6:00 PM PST.
Do you mean August 25th?


Will it be on YouTube too or just twitch?

Thanks for doing the speedrun! :smiley:

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I did mean the 25th, updated! And yes, it will also be on YouTube

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THAT was THE BEST! Super entertaining.


Hi @livcheerful when will you post hangman on the makecode forums

Here’s the link from today!

Please mod and add your own words! Or art!

I am super behind on doing the YT thumbnails and forum posts…


@UnsignedArduino is going to give you loads of nickels…

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Sadly they stopped :cry: