Apply for Cboy Azure Contribution

After September 5th, Cboy Azure will be open to game devs and you can make games on it! My main account (@E-EnerG-Gamecentral) Will soon provide info on how to submit games and how to contribute.
Here’s a poll on if you want to make games for it.

Do you want to make Games?
  • Absolutely!
  • Definitely!
  • Yes!
  • Maybe…
  • No.
  • I’m too busy with other things…

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This is how you can contribute to Cboy Azure. Cboy Azure is Tilemap based, so you may need an understanding of that before you contribute. Also, if you choose Absolutely! Set the Notification tracker to Watching. If you chose Definitely, set it to Tracking, If you chose Yes or Maybe, Normal is fine. Otherwise, choose muted so that this won’t bother you. This is the first part of the instructions and the 2nd and 3rd part will come after the poll closes.


This is how you can Contribute to Cboy Azure (Part 2). Some things to note is that your game has to be compatible with the most recent “build” (or game edition). Please note this thread is not about building Custom Cboy Azure Versions, that will come out when Cboy Azure (the basic version) Comes out in December Probably. This means you have until December to make games for the Basic version, but after that you can make more games for the Pro and Ultimate Versions.
Also the store app that was added in will be like a “folder” for all of the other games made (once the start menu runs out of room for them). Part 3 will be tips & tricks.

The latest build will be Cboy Azure Starter. It can be buggy, bug fixes are appreciated! Also, Don’t make games using the Lite version. It is there to limit settings (not add more) But you can start making Custom version of Cboy Azure via the Lite version.

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