Arcade "1.5"

Now, i think we’re limiting ourselves a bit here. The hardware is wayy to slow and 120 x 160 pixels with a 16 color pallete i find a bit bad.

Can makecode arcade maybe have a second option for a larger screen and bigger color pallete? 32 or 64 colors would be more than enough. Perhaps an advanced option allowing to edit core scripts or write in c++?

It doesnt have to be compatible with hardware, just the online version wil do. Even the gameboy advance was way better than the current hardware:
240 × 160 3:2 aspect ratio

15-bit RGB (5 bits depth per channel), capable of displaying 512 simultaneous colors in “character mode” and 32,768 (215) simultaneous colors in “bitmap mode”

If it’s not possible to change the color depth of the color pallete, i understand. But surely there must be a hidden variable somewhere saying how big the screen is.

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