Arcade Advanced Stream #209 - Horticulture Game Pt. 5

Hey folks!

Join @jwunderl. @livcheerful, and I as we keep working on our gardening game! This time, we finally started getting to the exciting stuff: we added two new plants and started giving all of our plants behaviors! So far we’ve done self-planting plants, sprinkler plants, and jovial plants that say hello to you. Next time we’ll probably start working on breeding plants, so that you can start combining them in interesting ways.

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I have an idea, A plant that tells you puns, BUT all of them are plant themed.


  1. What do you call a cheerleading herb? An encourage-mint!
  2. How did the gardener know his herbs were fully grown? It was just about thyme!
  3. What makes some plants better at math than others? Square roots!
  4. What do plants do when they first meet each other? They in-tree-duce themselves!
  5. Why do plants go to therapy? To get to the root of their problems!

Try coming up with originals!


Another idea. Can we name it Leaf Ericson, and somehow make it related to Vikings or Norse stuff somehow?

hmmmm… a plant with a viking helmet. i can’t see why we would possibly not do that

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YES! Leaf Erikson, the pun-plant, is born. Will you do it this stream or the next one?

not on topic, when will the next game jam voting be?

@gusiscute64 we don’t have any dates to announce now, but all updates will be posted to the forum so stay tuned!