Arcade Advanced Stream #211 - Recreating ALL of Chess in ONE STREAM

…but not really :smiley:

Join @jwunderl, @richard, and me as we start making a chess game! In this stream, we created the board using an 8x8 tilemap and a bunch of sprites. We started coding the movement patterns for the bishop too. Let me know if you enjoyed watching us do chess! Cus I’ll keep doing it if you guys don’t hate it :smiley: this is my horiticulture game

Watch the full stream here:

Check out the code below:

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Vivian, I think you should play some more chess before you continue to code this thing :joy:

Now you made you want to code a chess game too :persevere: stop distracting me from finishing my games lmao


Vivian, I like chess, but not enough to stop ALL my progress on every game I’m working on.

Aww man, now I want to make the chess game :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

please, we are all basically chess grandmasters.


Ok now I’ve given up I’m making a chess game agauhwefiuawhefiouawhefiuwhoaeifhaiubioweh why yo do this to me

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ooooo if you do it richards way let me know how it goes XD

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ahahahah do you code all the games we code on stream?? or is chess particularly enticing?

LOL I’m doing it my own way right now and it actually works :eyes: bishops and knighs are gonna be a big pain in the butt to code rules for tho…

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:open_mouth: are you doing it with sprites / following?

No I’m cheating and using Daryl’s Sprite Grid extension LOL

ooooooooooo cool yeah I saw your message but I’ve never used that extension before >>

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Haha yes, chess is my game, I get Goku flames raising up from me when someone challenges me to chess, and I say, “Well, then, I’ll go easy on you” and I try my hardest to feel sorry for my poor opponent (unless it’s my dad, he plays so good it makes me want to cry)


Am I doing this right? I’m a bit fuzzy about the rules of chess :slight_smile: :confused: :crazy_face:

(This strains the 3D renderer a good bit beyond what it’s currently capable of, so expect glitches. It’s just a quick hack for fun, but I guess I could use it as a stress test for future development?)


!!! definitely the best way to play chess. pew pew!


That is what I will load up and play after I am raging


There are no special moves yet, like pawns can move twice on their first move, en passant, casting, or promotion. And also it doesn’t care if your king dies yet or if it goes in a spot that’s “under attack” or whatever it’s called. If the chessboard shakes, it’s because you are doing something wrong, like clicking on an invalid spot or trying to move someone else’s pieces.


The rooks look like watch towers on a star destroyer (or whatever it’s called lol) :joy:

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Oops, when I try to install v0.12 on my PyGamer, the compiler crashes with an assertion failure. Apparently it doesn’t like how I wrapped everything in a big function for an embedding experiment. Here’s a fixed version, with options to adjust the piece count and number of rotational segments which help in case you want the luxury of occasional double-digit framerates:

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!!! what the heck! wowoow :open_mouth: how long did this take you??!

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Ummmmm…:sweat_smile:…maybe like 4-5 hours total not including me screaming WHY at it when it’s broken like what I’m doing right now…

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