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Arcade Advanced Stream #308 - Tier List Maker!


Join @shakao, @richard, and me as we rank things! Well we make a thing SO we can rank things. Try editing the code to make your own tier lists! And post your tier lists with your finished ranking as the screenshot!

Watch the full stream here:

Check out the code below:

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream takes place weekdays at 1:00 PM PST. Now on YouTube, Twitter (@msmakecode), and Twitch (



Sea Creatures tier list by @richard

(this is my ordering too)

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Cool game, and It works, but once you try to modify it, there are multiple bugs (at least on my end), but multiple sections have errors, and all images are gone. Can you fix this?

oh yes that’s because i made it in beta >> if you import it via beta it will work fine, but working in beta is Dangerous™

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do you guys have a trademark on the word Dangerous? :laughing: