[⏱️] The official UNOFFICIAL MakeCode arcade SPEEDRUN leaderboard [⏱️]

Welcome everyone, to the unofficial MakeCode arcade speedrun leaderboard!
This is an idea I’ve had for a while now and I want to realize it! (btw, moderators - can we get a #speedruns category, or at least a tag, please? :pleading_face::point_right: :point_left:)

What’s up?

The MakeCode community is full of skilled individuals and teams creating art, games, extentions and other insane projects! However, I feel like light needs to be cast on the ones competent at playing these games, as well!

How will this work?

I will devise multiple categories for skill based games (such as platformers) and their subcategories such as random/set seed (for randomly generated levels!), glitched/glitchless for exploitable games and such! The leaderboard will be accounted for on a google sheet which anyone can access, but I’ll post updates about new runs often.

Speaking of runs…

You can submit your game runs right here - with all the necessary information, such as:

  • The video link of the playthrough (This is really important!!)
  • The IGT (in game time - usually counts from the first input)
  • The real time (since starting the game)
  • Which version of the game you were playing (link it’s affiliated game link / forum post)
  • What device were you running the game on (simulator, editor, or perhaps hardware… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

You can use a timer in-game (if one is provided) or a separate timer. Your time will be double checked anyway.

Rules and violations

The rule list is as follows (this is open to changes):

  1. Cheating is forbidden. The game you’re speedrunning must match the game link you provide. You aren’t allowed to modify the game in order to give yourself an advantage. All cheaters will be banned from the leaderboard permanently and all of their previous runs will be pulled.
  2. Make sure to label your runs properly and provide all necessary information. Runs with unverified bits of data will be denied.
  3. Your playthrough type must match the claimed category. (ex. glitched runs cannot be submitted to the glitchless board)
  4. Make sure to notify the moderators (me) in case of a forum name change, in order to update your entries in the table.
  5. Be nice to others! Nobody likes toxic speedrunners.

Available games (more is coming soon!)

The 5 level game - by @CyberPulse

  • 100% - Glitched (y-velocity glitch, first release)
  • 100% - Glitchless (second release, bugfix)

Original release:

Y-velocity bugfix:

Procedurally generated platformer - by @UnsignedArduino

  • Level% Random seed
  • Level% Set seed

Original release (1.0.0):

Update (1.1.0):


The leaderboard, on Google sheets

So, thanks for paying attention once again. Feel free to submit runs, I’m already waiting to get them!
P.S. - I might implement a Google form for run submission, but all in it’s time

Which game would you like to see on the board next?
  • Three brave cats 2: Return to the sea
  • Sophie’s castle
  • Blocky boss battle
  • Crossy roads 3
  • Dash!

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(fear not, I’ll add them all, I just want to see which one you guys want next!)



dude blocky boss battle gonna be so easy I’ve been speedrunning that for like ages

Can I be a moderator for this?

add Phoenix’s Quest


Quick update - I added individual Level% categories to The 5 level game.

@Opisticks, please refrain yourself from spamming the board with unrelated content. About moderation, err… I’ll consider it

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ye me too lol all you need to know the movements of the skeleton and then dodge it lol

Im Deeply sorry about it

Here is my run for Glitchless Procedurally Generated Platformer v.1.1.0
(I need access to the spreadsheet)

IM VERY SORRY FOR REPLYING HERE AGAIN @Sarge can you suggest any screen recorder?

Just curious, would Epic Sunset Jumpworld count as a speed runner game for this topic?


AYO, hold up. https://arcade.makecode.com/S24897-88058-47414-68488
Here you go.

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I would like to add the first official submission, by me, beating ‘The 5 level game’ in the 100% - Glitched category.

Playthrough link: https://youtu.be/p2elRp9_7-8
In-game time: 21.97 (current record)
Time: N/A
Version release: First release (1.0) - released 13th of March, 2021.
Device: Simulator (played on makecode.com)

Cheers everyone, and feel free to have a go at taking down my record! Even if you don’t, submit your runs here anyways - there are still the 2nd and 3rd place to take!

Yes! Possible categories include:

  • 100%
  • Stage% (Levels Practice to 5)

You submit the information here, and I add it to the spreadsheet. For a screen recorder, I use OBS.

Try My Stickman Platformer. The Last Speedrun Its very buggy (Cause it was made by me lol). Literally the whole point is to speedrun the game.

Quick update everyone!
From now on, the run submissions will be moved to the form below. I will still accept run submissions on the forum for a while, but it would be easier and more convenient if you conformed and used the (now official) venue for submiting runs.

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Procedurally Generated Platformer v1.1.0 by @UnsignedArduino, glitchless level % set seed - 1:00.69 on seed 1234

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-yRxztLjlgKuyF63dltFp30J9ZPwx5Cr/view?usp=share_link
In-game time: 1:00.69 (1 minute, 0 seconds, and 69 hundredths of a second)
Real time: Same as in-game time, no pausing.
Game version used: v1.1.0.
Device: desktop
Seed: 1234

This seems like something fun. I hope my video is “done processing” by the time this is submitted lol.

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Due to a tie between Three brave cats 2: Return to the sea and Blocky boss battle, I’ll be adding them both to the board. In the meantime - vote for the next game(s) to be added to the board!

  • Crossy roads 3
  • Dash!
  • Sophie’s castle
  • Epic sunset jumpworld

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