Microsoft MakeCode

Arcade Advanced Stream #330-334

Stream 330

Join @shakao and I as we keep working on a Metroidvania game! This time we add health and damage for our player character!

Stream 331

Another blast from the past; in this stream, @shakao, @livcheerful, @hassan, and I dusted off Shannon’s baseball game! Watch me sign Shannon up for way more work than she was planning originally as we add outfielders to the game.

Stream 332

More Metroidvania! This time, we do some checkpoint stuff, add a trap, and start working on a second boss.

Stream 333

@livcheerful and I make a bird book! Also a general purpose journaling game if you would like to fill it with other types of content. Also, check out the great mods by @gideonmayhew

Stream 334

@jwunderl and I made a game inspired by Tron! Turns out making the base game was pretty easy, so we spent the rest of the time trying to make an AI for controlling player 2. Hopefully we’ll revisit this game later and make an even better one!

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Here is my upgraded version (not really it has lots of bugs) But I had the idea that the enemy has a reaction time! That way newly made lines cant be instantly detected and the ai can be cut off! The red is temporary stuff (can be made into cyan but just kinda shows what it does!) The red stuff are sprites witha lifespan! When they get destroyed after some time they get permanently drawn on the background! That means the red stuff is not being detected by the AI! This is just a little example! Maybe you can do something like that!