Microsoft MakeCode

Arcade Advanced Stream #358-362

Stream 358

@livcheerful, @shakao, and I make an image morpher! Try it a few times to see the different images, and add your own to the list :slight_smile:

Stream 359

@jwunderl, @shakao, and I make a game where you search for objects in a scene! However, there’s a bunch of lil’ guys in the way. Awwww… Move out of the way lil’ guys!

Stream 360

@livcheerful, @shakao, @jwunderl, and I finish up Quick Corgs! How many Corgs can you make it through?

Stream 361

@livcheerful, @jwunderl, @hassan, and I make a tamagotchi inspired game!

Stream 362

@jwunderl, @livcheerful, @shakao, and I embark on what is likely a fool’s errand: implementing a billiards game! Watch us completely fail to remember how collisions work!

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