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Arcade Bug?

Hi -

 When using arcade I have had a few students have this issue where they grab a block and it will not release it. Does anyone know why this is happening and any potential fixes? 

Thank you!

hi @rymc88! Do you happen to remember what they were doing at the time or what blocks it grabbed on to? This sounds like a crash and definitely a bug on our side, so anything you remember could help us find the issue!

And to make the blocks release, when this happens, refreshing the page should unlock it


it happened to me, too. it usually happens when you opens the window too long

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Hmm, this sometimes happens to me when I drag a block off-screen, but reloading the page should work @rymc88

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We were using the Tilemap extension and it seemed to happen when the student was moving the 8 x 8 tilemap block. We tried refreshing it would fix it, but it kept happening and it seemed to be only this student :frowning: Thank you for the advice and we will keep refreshing!

OH INTERESTING hmmmm okay we will keep an eye out for it! And if possible, could you share a link to that student’s code? Hopefully we can fix it!

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