Arcade drives Mecanum wheel vehicle with 'story' instructions

Video: I’m posting this under Arcade because it is really not Micorbit, we now have 2 Arcade consoles communicating with a wireless protocol to drive a roller-bearing wheel ‘transporter’. This allows up-down-left-right button press for a full range of movement of the robotic car. Mecanum wheels allow lateral and diagonal movement of the car. We also add ‘story’ extension to give instructions to the player. In addition we add picture sprites and backgrounds from Pedersen’s utility convert image to sprite to make the experience more meaningful. Because Meowbit has analog sensors (we have shown temperature, light level and tilt) we can now teach both digital input and analog input for computer science. The Kittenbot power expansion board called Robotbit is well mated to Christina Zhang’s Meowbit so that we have the potential of connecting servo, dc motors as shown, stepper, I2C and other sensors,outputs for electronics education via an edge connected game console. Code for both Meowbits is in the description of the video:

Video: The girls were very engaged today writing story code, instructions and driving the Arcade robotics. Unlike our other controllers (‘game handle’) the Arcade console can show images and animation to be movie-like; plus music. Girls ages 8-12. Very interested in electronics with this environment: