Video, Arcade edge-connector driving bot car with photo-sprite

Using Mr. Pedersen’s photo to sprite converter (in description with links to Make Code programs) we demonstrate Arcade game controller with edge connector plugged into T expansion board and 400 tie hole breadboard. Adding extra controller tools in the extensions, advanced, you get digital controls and sensors on Meowbit so as to teach digital I/O to blink the blue light. Now with “light” extension RGB Neopixel is added and I took a photo of 7 neopixel ring and set that, when converted, as a sprite. All extensions needed are in the programs. Adding $15 Meowbit SD Wireless chip, set to ‘radio’ not Bluetooth setting, you can send numbers or strings to activate the radio connected Microbit which signals the Yahboom bot car drive system. This has the potential to teach basic computer science/electronics along with story telling on the TFT screen of Meowbit.