Arcade Game Submissions

@peli has asked us to submit games to the user gallery via a process involving GitHub pull requests. I’ve reviewed that documentation, and some things came to mind regarding the games that I plan to submit.

  • My games often use custom extensions. Will that pose a problem?
  • My JavaScript games typically use the second file - custom.ts - to separate custom class definitions into their own file. This helps to de-clutter the main.ts file, and it’s a reasonable compromise to the “one class per file” structure that we typically employ for OO programming. For the user gallery, how should our code be copied-and-pasted into the GitHub fork?
    • Just include the code from main.ts?
    • Merge the two files into one? (If so, do I need to do that in the actual game, too?)
    • Keep the code separate and somehow delimit it in the GitHub fork?
    • Something else?

Thanks for allowing user-submitted games to be featured on Arcade’s home page! That’s very cool … and something I’m sure kids (OK … grown-ups, too!) will love to see.

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  • custom extensions: no, we can support that
  • custom.ts is fine too but it is best to keep it as a single main.ts file
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Perfect; thanks, @peli! This Friday’s submission should be straightforward, since it’s a Blocks game. I should have another ready for the following week that uses custom.ts. I’ll let you know how it goes!