Submit your game for the Kiki's Corner Showcase!


I want to start showcasing games from forum users on my blog at to inspire new users to try creative things.

If you would like your game to be considered, please read the details below:

  1. This is to inspire new users, so please only submit games that were coded using blocks. Also, if you used any extensions that are not in our gallery, please list them in your response.

  2. Feel free to submit a game that is based on a tutorial or one that was built on the work of others…but if you do, please include the name of the tutorial and/or the user names of the creators that inspired you within the reply.

  3. I will highlight your game on my blog, along with a short set of answers to some interview questions that I will ask you. If you’re not interested in providing answers to interview questions, please let me know in your reply. None of my questions will reveal your real name or any personal information.

  4. This will be a rolling series, so if selected, it may take several months for the article on your game to publish. You can have my blog posts emailed to you to make sure you never miss an issue!

That’s all! If you’re still interested in submitting an Arcade game for consideration, just reply to this post with:

  • The gaming/social/forum handle you want me to use for you
  • Approx number of hours it took you to code your game
  • Names of tutorials or creators who inspired you while making this game
  • How difficult you believe your game is to play
  • The link to your game
  • Explicit permission to showcase and talk about your game in the blog (Kiki’s Corner)

That’s it :slight_smile:

Director of Education
Microsoft MakeCode

  • @Blobbey
  • Between 5 and 10 hours.
  • N/A
  • The game is easy to play, it’s supposed to be a no-stress, slow-paced game!

Bird Watching Simulator. Extra extensions used: arcade-sprite-util, arcade-mini-menu, declutter, bettersettings (although no blocks unique to bettersettings are used).

  • I give full permission for this game to appear in Kiki’s Corner in all desired aspects.

Handle: UnsignedArduino (either GitHub or the MakeCode Forums) @Lucas_M also contributed to the game by adding some maps
Time spent: ~20 hours
Inspiration: Not anybody in particular, unless you count Mario Kart haha.
Difficulty: 4/10
Game: Racers! (original forum post, original link, updated version forum post, updated link) A fast-paced driving game where you race against other members of the MakeCode forums on several maps - first to three laps wins!
I consent to my game being showcased and talked about in Kiki’s Corner.
I’m okay with being asked interview questions.


Oops I forgot to list the extensions:

  • UnsignedArduino/ColorBlock
  • UnsignedArduino/Fast-Random-Blocks
  • UnsignedArduino/Stats
  • jwunderl/arcade-sprite-util
  • riknoll/arcade-sprite-events
  • riknoll/arcade-mini-menu
  • UnsignedArduino/InhouseLoadingAnimations
  • UnsignedArduino/Notifications
  • UnsignedArduino/SystemMenuBlocks
  • jwunderl/pxt-color
  • Handle: Personalnote

  • Roughly 7-12 hours to code over the span of a few weeks.

  • @drtongue96 made a Zelda game (Which is very good, you should check it out here) while I was still working on my own and it was a huge opportunity to improve and a huge inspiration for the project.

  • I don’t believe it is extremely hard, but it does have bugs and glitches that may be, well, unpleasant. The combat in the game is fairly simple but if you misclick, you can pay quite a heavy price. To get past the main glitch (The Lost Woods), click here and here. As long as you return all of Phantom Ganon’s attacks with your sword, you won’t encounter any glitches with him.

  • Forum post and game link - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Extensions used: sprite-sight, sprite-util, Timer, Minimap, Tilemaps, ColorFading, Statusbars, premium-life

  • I, personalnote, give full permission to showcase and talk about my game in Kiki’s Corner.


Handles: Lucas_M and UnsignedArduino
Game: The Phoenix’s Quest (original forum post, original link, The Cloudy Climb DLC forum post, The Cloudy Climb DLC link) An extensive RPG submitted for the MakeCode Arcade 2021 Climate Crisis game jam! Featuring a 3-slot save system, level selector, 12-level storyline, an epic boss battle, and a DLC, this game emphasizes the global climate crisis happening, and how you can help! (well, maybe not fighting floating trash.)
Difficulty: 7/10
Time spent: ~50 hours
Extensions used:
- UnsignedArduino/Stats
- jwunderl/arcade-sprite-util
- riknoll/arcade-shader
- UnsignedArduino/ColorBlock
Inspiration: The Phoenix design was inspired by an album cover from one of Lucas_M’s favorite artists.
@Lucas_M and I consent to my game being showcased and talked about in Kiki’s Corner.
@Lucas_M and I are okay with being asked interview questions.


I can confirm that @UnsignedArduino had my permission to make this post


Congrats to @Blobbey who has the distinction of having the first game to be featured on my blog! I’ll be choosing the next one shortly.

In the meantime, don’t forget to hop over on Monday and give the post some support!


Name: JtSpeedRun
Time: 5 hours a day for over half a year
Tutorials: None
Difficulty: 4/10 pretty easy
I allow my game being showcased and talked about in Kiki’s Corner and to be asked questions.
This is a game inspired by the Sega genesis classic sonic the hedgehog with a new twist! Thank you in advance!

WOW you spent at least 915 HOURS on this game?? thats like, over a month of straight coding. Must be good.


Thanks, it was mostly fixing up the games code so it could run and play better but I appreciate it!