ArcadeMIDI extension

Someone flagged my post… What???

it’s not actually a swear word its a neutral word if he is not referring to the person he is referring to the content of the person who posted it

Let me flag this post do i can get the badge (joke)

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uhhh it is. dang and darn are neutral words. what @Sarge said wasn’t a neutral word. and he is referring to the person because he fell for it.

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Internet police much? It was a joke, relax

Not having the need for a rematch with the moderators, as the unhurt “victim” here, I would like to both forgive and defend @Sarge’s outburst by both taking into consideration how shaken and overwhelmed that he probably must have been feeling right after clicking the link, and the point that, since I barely escaped the water fountain as a kid, it is actually a true and factual statement, that I really am d#$%ed…

Though, the passive form of the verb would probably have been more elegant and easier to get away with, than the active casting of a spell/curse(which I am nevertheless equally unharmed by and won’t work, because of the same water fountain incident).

Great fun and cheers!

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pg-family friendly language is personally important to me and I would prefer it if you joked or mocked it.

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Me two I like that the forum is PG and it was a lot safer after things become post pending, LOL there was even a spam link here once


exactly PG language is very important

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M8s the word damn ain’t gonna kill ya… just saying - even 1st graders drop it on a daily, it’s not even a mild swear word please :sob:
(stop flagging a post for the badge)


As an educator and part of the MakeCode team, I just wanted to weigh in on this subject. As a team, we’re okay with “light” swearing in general, but in the case where other users of the forum find that it impedes their ability to enjoy the space safely, we ask that users consider being willing to retract such words on their own instead of doubling-down to add hostility to the otherwise innocuous conversation.

Let’s all be considerate of one another. The goal of this forum is to help each other.




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Any news about the ArcadeMIDI extension, @UnsignedArduino?..

How is your page for exporting to music editor format going?

Just learned that some demo programmers “cheat” by using Windows built-in GSM610 codec for samples compression and the gm.dls midi sound bank/font to keep the file sizes below 64kB. Then I started to wonder if something similar would be possible with MakeCode Arcade, like:
-maybe with a halfway portable midi sounds from inside Chrome-based browser accessible from an extension?
-or, maybe there is enough freedom just with the built-in sounds and envelopes to make good sounding “chiptune” music and even speech synthesis like on the C64?

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I’ve never heard a 1st grader say that… Idk what school u go to lol. (no offense, of course!)

I honestly don’t like language/swearing in any capacity, but I respect the opinions of the MakeCode team and I’m okay with their rules.


@Lucas_M: Was it you that told about making music in FL Studio in the chat on today’s Arcade Advanced LIVE stream?

Just wondering if you have used the music you’re making in FL Studio somehow in MakeCode Arcade games, using either this tool or other tools or techniques, and whether you could share an example and some insights into the work flow for getting the music from FL Studio and into a game?

PS: Liked your Death run multiplayer game, by the way!

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Try saying Beaver Dam or something. Just for the kids online.

Sorry, no.

I believe that the Arcade sound editor format has not been finalized yet, and may be subject to change until they release it and it goes out of the beta. But the real reason is that I’ve been so busy with school and extracurricular activities and other projects that I have been unable to find time for MakeCode Arcade. :pensive: (checkout my latest project on my GitHub profile? :wink:) I hope that in the spring, I have more time, but worst comes to worst, I will have time in the summer.


Thanks, understand your consideration about developing for a moving target and that you are busy, keep up the good work, and looking forward what might be brewing in the spring, @UnsignedArduino!

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@Lucas_M: Did you see this post? :wink:

I am very curious about how to use FL Studio or other DAWs to create music in MakeCode Arcade!

Yeah you could technically make music for madecode using midi but sometimes the midi comes out bad and is horrible when put into makecode so it world be good to make the music in makecode instead of importing it