Ashlet's Adventure

@InvalidProject99 here are the thigs to retexture:
change whisker into Ashlet
change Ashlet into whisker
change demon to angel
change bob to obo (mainly just switching colors of bob)
change god to Satan
change cat to dog
change cat 2 to dog 2
change heaven to hell
change power ups to whatever you like!

@InvalidProject99 , can you retexture everything in whisker adventure and send it to me?

yes i do, and i like the idea of going deeper into hell

I beat it on hard

I made a small project to start this game you want to see it

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Hey! I wanted to renovate the trailer, so here you go,

yes! @Lucas_M

I’ll do it, but it’ll take some time. Keep in mind, that we need to change more than just the sprites, we need to change the game format!

OK @Lucas_M


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I need to change some things so they match up with the story

this trailer revamp is great! i’ll use some of the art there

ok sure

For some reason the Project wont get approved but I don’t know why so I can’t show my game

Here is the game I worked one over the week end use it if you want


hey @InvalidProject99 , what if we leave all the bosses same, then when Ashlet defeats god, she finds a decoy of whisker and is teleported to hell where she fights Satan!

Hi @marioninja430 @InvalidProject99 do you think that we should do a remaster or work on the game
I made.

I’m making a renovated version of your game

Maybe we could apply thatb to lucas’s game

I finished!
It’s Lucas’s game! ( but i changed it fyi ) Although
i’m not done, I like it so far!