Reading "light level" as numeric sprite ? Please help

Video: , you can see that light level is recorded as both ‘score’ and status bar column on the Meowbit. I would like to make the numerical reading of light level to be shown on that Arcade screen as a sprite (or sprite data?) so it can be made larger and easily readable. On Micro:bit the value is easy enough to read after transmitted from Meowbit via SD Wireless chip. Any ideas on how to display a numeric reading from a sensor such as light or temperature on the main screen rather than teeny-tiny score? thanks,
code for Meowbit:
You will note that the simulator does not work with this code and I think that is due to the addition of SD Wireless extension. Without that extension it should simulate.

Here is the answer: Video, and code link in the description. Very large numbers representing the analog light level reading. This should work to display any numerical reading of an analog sensor.