BALDIS BASICS IN 3D (2nd discussion)

So I made a 3D copy of Baldi’s Basics (
I need help making an inventory, 1st prize, playtime, and principal AI, and also making the math questions.
(In the game, a coin sound will play sometimes. I made that to try to fix a bug, but I cant find out how to.)
Also, is there a block to check if a value is in an array?
Thank you :slight_smile:

In JavaScript, that would be array.indexOf(obj). First splash would show 0 (because the index of 5 in the array is 0) and the second splash would show -1. (because 10 isn’t in the array)

That’s so cool, it’ll probably optimize my mini tilemaps extension a lot! (I didn’t know that you could do this before.)

Thank you!

I just updated it (when I am writing this post)

So, the array block was used to check if the player is at the end of a hallway. In my version, 1st prize pushes you until you reach the end of a hallway. It doesn’t work for me.\

Sometimes, the characters (except Baldi) get stuck inside the hallway interceptions (is that the right word?). I can’t find how to fix this.