Baldis Basics Back

I haven’t been on the forums for a long time. I would really like to continue a game I’ve
been making before.
(This is mostly to @UnsignedArduino, but any help is appreciated)
I am using the inventory extension, but I can’t find how to add items. It always gives errors.
(The circle is a Quarter)

Here I will also post other problems or updates.

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AY! @marioeligi Long Time No see! I’ve never tried the inventory extension but ill check and see

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If you want to use array blocks with the toolbar contents, get a reference to the array that holds the items with the toolbar [ Toolbar ] get items function.


Okay, still aint working.
I’m going to upload a full snapshot instead.

I can’t help you man, it’s too small XD
Upload a share link?

Lol sorry <:)
I didn’t check my post before I sent it :slight_smile:
the only problem with the link-It wont let me upload changes if the code has bugs…
I’ll try.

Well, I am, except that this isn’t either a problem or update.

  • Art
  • Player AI (really needed)
  • Inventory Items (effects and that stuff, also stamina)
  • Better music (mine sucks lol)
  • Ending (secret and normal)
  • Anything else I need to add/you want to improve

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I would like AI help mostly, but if that ism’t your thing, then choose something else.

Also, here, I need it to set the quarter to the slot that is selected.

i can help with music or testing

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong, except the fact that the compiler isn’t happy obviously. Share a link.

Download as .png?

Sure, that would be great!
Can you start by making the school theme? Mine ended up bad xD

Okay, since I have some votes in, I’ll ask people to do some things.
If you voted art, can you help improve really any art (except for items which I’ll do later)?
If your music, can you try to make either playtimes jingle or the main school theme?
If your ending, can you make some kind of ending code/image?
If your anything else, and you’re good with coding either do anything or (please) help with AI.

Okay, I used a Makecode link instead of Github:

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You have to get the items before using array operations on it:

You cannot use array functions directly on an inventory object.

I went through a wall :slightly_frowning_face:

it doesn’t load and let’s try BB+

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Yeah. that happens sometimes :frowning:
Also whwen you get close to the end baldi randomly cathes you :confused:

if you posted music help, can you please send a submission for the school theme and/or playtimes jingle?

I made his AI like the original