Anyone have any Ideas on what I should make next???

you should make a game using your favorite game genre!!!

I don’t know about that

maybe i could help?

Ok, what are your Ideas

well first off, what’s your favorite game genre(s)?
like adventure, maybe even exploration, a simulation, things like that!

I like adventure games and exploration games those are fun

Then lets make an adventure/exploration game!
do you want there to be a certain goal?
and where do you want the adventure to take place?

I think that you should be in some sort of cave of something, and then you have to find some treasure of some sort

Should it have make-believe creatures? or real creatures you can see irl?

Ok ok, good good

Ok, that is it for now, I will be gone for a while, but I will be back

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sorry I took so long I was doing something

Back to work?

Sure! though rn I might not be able to respond very soon.

So a cave exploration game?