Beads for jacdac

So we have 3 choices for jacdac extensions in Arcade, I think the one here is “devices” and are we to understand that these relate to the “beads” shown next to the “brains” in this picture? Each “tool” in devices controls a different bead? Or am I all mixed up on this. Just trying to get ready for when all this goes into production. We do have a couple of girls who want to learn more about electronic fashion.


I believe that’s correct, although these APIs might still change quite a bit. They are prototypes just to get a few scenarios working.

Hi @frank_schmidt,

JACDAC runs on many microcontrollers, not just the beads / brains you mention.

We’re still finalising many things, and the current version that is in the arcade editor is out of date.

The protocol has been tested (provisionally) on: SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F4, STM32F1, NRF52. The idea is that we’re simplifying the interconnects between microcontrollers, and to share resources as a network of microcontrollers.

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