Bedrock Edition no longer working with MakeCode? - Super disappointing!

However much fan I am of MakeCode, or maybe because of it, I was very disappointed today to learn that MakeCode for Minecraft/Code Connection no longer works with Minecraft Bedrock Edition(?).

Even more disappointed when my realization was right after purchasing 4 new Java/Bedrock licenses today for a local computer/gaming group, where one of the main reasons for the purchase was the possibility to program with MakeCode in the Bedrock Edition, and maybe later some Java mods in the Java Edition of Minecraft.

Having had fond experiences coding with MakeCode via the Code Connection app inside the Bedrock Edition only a year or two ago together with my son, I definitely did not receive the telegram that this great feature is silently being discountinued for all but the Education Edition*.

Gauging from a couple of Google searches, neither have a lot of other disappointed customers, which I only discovered after this somewhat mispurchase:“code+connection”+“bedrock”
(Most of the recently forum posts and bugreports are conveniently unanswered or parked on, and etc…)

In fact, it seems like the telegram never even found its way outside of Redmond:

The story experienced by me and many others, but which is only wispered about in dark alleys and found in the smallest of prints by the officials, seems to go something like this:

How can I code with the amazing MakeCode for Minecraft in Minecraft(Bedrock)?

Let’s check the official documentation just to be sure!:…:

Now that I am almost ready to push the purchase button, let’s see what fun stuff could be done with this!..:

KA-CHING, when the coin rings, the soul from purgatory springs… OH NO, I forgot to read the small print!..:

Would the @MakeCode team please care to elaborate, or better yet, consider resurrecting MakeCode for Minecraft also for the Bedrock Edition?

*Not that there is something wrong with the Education Edition or that the price is especially steep for this, but it is quite unaccessible for everyone without an organization email, it has an off-putting subscription model, and - to be quite honest - MakeCode is a feature already included in Bedrock and advertised for many people before purchase, even today, which now seems to be silently removed from the product…

Thats a long post ya got there.

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Thats a short post ya got there.


Anyone who could please clarify with official @MakeCode information on this topic?

Feedback on a case with The Minecraft Education Edition Help only produces this…:
“Unfortunately, our team only supports Minecraft Education. For questions or issues with the other versions of Minecraft, you can contact Mojang at .”

Mojang is notoriously difficult to contact for support, but there is 1 open(of many closed and unanswered) bug report, which gets no official feedback:

Why doesn’t the @makecode team just ease our pain and just enlighten us here and now about this topic?

Hi Vegz78,

I’m sorry to hear that this isn’t working for you. This is something that we recently learned about as well and are looking into it. As of now, we are not sure what the problems are. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we are hoping to have this resolved soon.

  • The MakeCode Team

Hey, not an official of MakeCode, nor Mojang, but this topic was actually discussed a lot on Education forums, and a workaround had been made by a super cool community member
Found this post browsing the forum for something else, but thought I’d share this solution:

If it can help you with the licenses you already bought

But yeah, sadly this is far from a recent problem, and it’s one that the teams at Microsoft give us zero update about. I’ve honestly given up on it at this point, and I use the workaround myself.

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Welcome and thanks for your positive contribution, @Felina-Lain!

Yeah, I read the whole topic and countless others, and I am aware of the CodeConnectFix that you provide here, and also the alternative hacking around with the launcher and older versions of Minecraft Bedrock.

Hopefully these solutions can help others, but for my case it is very inconvenient in that the room where these particular 4 new Bedrock licenses are installed is used as a gaming room with need for the latest version Bedrock in addition to the intention to program with MakeCode in Bedrock. The people there also need something that works out-of-the box with minimal need for fidgeting around with installations.

Also, the messages about this issue from the united common front, Microsoft, are contradictory and unclear, even though continued support and love for Code Connection in Bedrock is dominant.

But today it is exactly 17 months and 7 days since this bug occured with the release of Bedrock version 1.18.30 on April the 19th 2022, which seems a bit like stepmotherly love to me.

But now the @MakeCode team here is aware of the problem and they usually diligently follow up on issues of importance and come back with a reply. And also the Minecraft Education Edition support team has made inquires about this internally with the developers.

One might therefore hope for a frank and earnest process and feedback soon, that clarifies definitively either that:

  1. This issue will be addressed and fixed soon, either with an update to the Code Connection app or Bedrock code base(Code Connection does not work in Educaton Edition either, but it has the code builder integrated), or
  2. they decide to face the music with complaints and reimbursements following a clearly communicated decision to discontinue MakeCode coding support in the Bedrock Edition, contrary to all the advertisement currently online.

.…hopefully before another 17 months go by… :wink:

In the meantime, maybe people on this forum could please upvote this issue here to give it some more attention?:

Thanks for looking into it!

Any (good)news on this matter yet, @MakeCode?

Maybe @jacqueline.russell has some information about this from the last couple of weeks?

I could not find anything about this here either:

I am using version 1.20.30 apk and they are quite stable with no errors anywhere

Hi and welcome, @CarltonRodriquez!

Sorry, I do not understand. Are you saying that you are using Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.20.30 with latest version 1.50 of Code Connection directly to code with MakeCode for Minecraft?

That is amazing and I hope that you could please share here how you got it working!

I just attempted again, Bedrock already updated to v1.20.31, and unfortunately got the same 17+ months old error, see the images for details:

(Code connection and Bedrock is already latest version)
Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.31