MakeCode to java

Hi, I’ve just started to use MakeCode and I really like it. But I do not really like Bedrock. Is it possible to use this in java? for instance: copy the JavaScript of the project and past that in a Datapack


I don’t understand…

These words relate to Minecraft, do you mean that? (probably not)

@Sven means that he wants to use MakeCode for Minecraft with Minecraft Java instead of Minecraft Bedrock. TBH, Java is much better in everything else except performance so I can see why.

Unfortunately we’re only usable in Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft for Windows 10 at the moment

@UnsignedArduino – Oh, I thought it was related to MakeCode Arcade because it was tagged arcade help.

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I have the same problem. I don’t HAVE bedrock on the computer and I want to use makecode for minecraft.

Edu edition is free for chromebooks now

not good enough I dont have a chromebook