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Using MakeCode for Minecraft BETA editor?

I have been unable to link Minecraft for Windows 10 to I tried adding a new service to Code Connection, and although, it opens the browser, it does not link to Minecraft.

Is there a way to establish a connection between Minecraft for Windows 10 and the MakeCode for Minecraft Beta?

I have been creating block programs in the Beta, sharing, then running in the current MakeCode editor – which is not fun.

Go to extensions and in the search bar type /@beta/?ipc=1 and that should load the beta editor in the codeconnection. If this doesn’t work let me know.

Thanks. I have used this on Education Edition with success on both Windows and iPad versions.
I have not yet been able to test on MakeCode for Minecraft on Windows 10 because the server refuses to connect. I 'll try tomorrow.
Again thanks so much. I am already writing functions with return values. Wow!

Tested successfully on MakeCode for Minecraft on Windows 10. Thanks.