Bird Watching Simulator | My best game yet!

Now I know what you’re thinking (but do I really though… :thinking:), wasn’t Oregon Trail my best game yet??? Well, it was. At the time. This is my new best game yet!

In Bird Watching Simulator, you can go to an area with three different habitats in it, from forest to marsh. There are 10 different birds that can appear in the area, and they’ll all gravitate towards different habitats. Press ‘A’ while overlapping birds to take pictures of them! You can check how many times you’ve seen each bird if you select the ‘See Stats’ option!
Enjoy! :eagle: :duck: :bird:


Honestly, I don’t often review games, but ‘my best game yet’ coming out of YOU is a big promise, so i HAD to play!
This game is SO MUCH FUN!! There are SO many birds to find, and they all look stunning. The animations and movement are perfect and natural, I even saw a woodpecker peck on wood! The landscape is a little minimal but it offers more focus for the birds anyway. The camera viewfinder sprite is clever, and feels like an actual camera!! I love it!

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Thanks, that means a lot!