Oregon Trail | My best game yet!

This is my spinoff of the classic “Oregon Trail” game! Gather your family, buy your supplies - but spend your money wisely, and set out on the famous Oregon Trail! Along the way, you can hunt and rest, as well as trying to keep your family healthy. At different points in the game, events will happen! They could be anything from someone getting sick or your cart breaking down, to coming upon a small supply store in the wilderness, or even reaching the cascades! There are also seasons. Make sure to have plenty of food for winter, as the sickness rate will be especially high! At the end of the game, your score will be set to a combination of all of your positive stats such as food and money!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

FWI, the game takes a little while to play all the way through.


WOW! This is an amazing game, I always loved the original and played it a ton so having a makecode version is cool! The text is much easier to read here hah. Definitely playing again and I might download this to play on my meowbit!

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I’m so glad you like the game, @randomuser! The game took me almost 2 weeks to make, so I’m glad it paid off! I’ve also added a few small bug fixes since I posted the topic.

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Alright! I just added a major bug fix! The game should work far better now! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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OH THIS GAME IS GREAT but i never played the original but the game is very great are there some secrets here?

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I wouldn’t say anything secret such as a secret level, but there are a few different features you may observe depending on the choices you make during the game.

I’ve played this game in 6th grade, and this is a pretty good recreation