Age rating games on the forums

So If you have read my PD, you would have seen that I like phiosophy. after spending some time in the forums, I have realized that people don’t really give heads up’s for graphic content (@SuspiciousIndividual’s “Rippr!” Project) I’m not trying to spark any bad blood on the forums, but if at all possible we should have some sort of way to Age-rate game’s! I know it isn’t tottaly practical but I think If enough people want to, I (and whomever is willing to help) would be happy to make Age rating Guidelines for games on the forum! AS LONG AS IT’S OKAY WITH RICHARD AND THE REST OF THE FORUM’S MODERATERS!!!

  • Yes make a rating system
  • No don’t make a rating system

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I think that might be a good idea

I would love stuff like this, especially for the large amount of first person shooters that are programmed- with an age rating, those would probably have to note that they have gun violence, and then I wouldn’t have to see that anymore!

That’s pretty much what I wanted it for! (that and so people get a heads up BEFORE clicking the game)


Well, It seems like the majority of people who have seen the post have agreed to my post, though I will keep the poll open and not attatch the guidlines (You guys can help make them if you want to) until 1:30 tommorow.

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Oh yeah, actual guidelines would be hard to figure out… maybe something like the ESRB ratings for everyone, 10+, and teen (Because any higher ratings would be banned off the forum anyway)

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I was thinking more along the lines of making our own rating system! (still much like the ESRB ratings!) Like you said M and AO ratings would be banned from the forums from the get go, but the moderaters can’t search through every game to make sure there isn’t blood or an Inappropriate refrence in the game. SO people could report here and see that there are the MFRS guidlines! (Makecode Forums Rating System)

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so like blood wouldn’t be aloud on the forums? I’m confused.

good idea

I just feel like this could limit creatively.
For instance I have this one level with a bit of blood magic is that suddenly rated as a bloody game but the rest of the game has not blood at all. Then people might come to that game with expectations of a bloody game but there’s only one scene with blood. Form a creative standpoint I don’t want to have really bloody games or volant games but one drop of blood or castlevania Bossfight could ruin a games look.


They do just that…
That’s why there’s a Approval system in the first place


Also please keep in mind that this is something that does not need to be followed exactly, and it’s more of a Heads up to people who are playing the games you post! So I will post the guidlines because for the most part people agree, BUT listen it’s not set in stone and @Lucas_M would you mind helping me with this? because I don’t want this to be super limiting (That’s one of the reasons I love this forum, no-one puts you down or makes you feel stuipid for posting what you belive in) nor do I want this to be unfair to the people who have said no to the post.

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  1. Lucas M: I agree with that aspect of what I’m trying to do, I don’t want to limit creativity, but what I’m saying is HEAVY amunts of blood = something close to a teen rating, but a small amount will = something closer to an E 10+ rating

  2. VerticalBoosts Blood would be aloud (but just to be sure ask one of the moderaters) but it would be given a higher age rating dependent on how much blood is in the game

  3. Lucas_M I understand how this could limit creativity, but please understand that is not my goal (My fave. game is Doom for heavans-sake!) I just want people to know what they are about to play before they play it (like heavy blood and such)

Now before I post the guidlines are there any more questions? I love feedback on things I post and do, and If too many people think this is negative then I’ll end the post.

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Just curious, is @SuspiciousIndividual’s Rippr the only game you’ve noticed that didn’t give a heads up for blood/gore, or were there other games too? @CyberPulse’s Something wicked this way comes gives a heads up.

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Yep I know the most of these games give a heads up, but as i’ve already stated, I MEAN 0 harm! Not trying at all to make the forums miserable! just trying to help orgonize things a bit! (and make it (Hopefully) easier on the Moderaters!)

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Maybe MakeCode team could recommend to coders to give their game a rating (like your list, two options) and reason why that rating/anything that might seem like it could offend or gross out anybody (like @Lucas_M blood but just in one spell could still be E10+ but mention that there is a spell with minimal blood) to give people heads up.
I agree that this would be far from perfect but maybe just some simple system to warn those who are sensitive or younger would be good.
These are just my suggestions, if we all give some good ideas we can eventually figure out what system would be best and specifics, or keep it no system if that is what is best.
Good luck to figuring out possible rating system MakeCode team and @Nerdiest


Yeah, it’s great that you’re considering the best interests and safety of the people on the forum!

I completely agree with this. I understand what you mean, but I personally don’t feel everyone makes gory games like this. I also think, that, this would just restrict the games made by this community a bit too much.


Thanks Guys!
here’s a rough draft of the guidlines! (it took me all day to think of this)
All- No blood, no profanity (Your standard forum game)
YA (E 10+)- mild blood, some profanity (although I don’t think it’s allowed in the forums anyway) older themes
15+ (Teen) - Heavy blood and gore, Profanity (again don’t think it’s allowed in the forums)


Hmm. They seem pretty general, maybe we could just have cutesy emoji tags for the warnings? Like:
:drop_of_blood: - Blood!
:hocho: - Violence!
:gun: - Guns!
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: - Profanity!

I think this would help limit the forums less, because it wouldnt generalize by age just warn the user of content. So nobody would feel wierd playing a game rated older then them if they personally were fine with the content!