Blocky Splatoon

This is just splatoon…But Worse…:gun:
Im a HUGE fan of Splatoon so I made a rip-off version
(The Final Score can get alittle wonky)



Fun though!


Lol! @UnsignedArduino I fixed that Glitch in the Second Version


I like your idea of a splatoon-type game in makecode. I was a little confused about how placing ink tiles worked and sometimes it didn’t place ink when I pressed A. With a little work, though, I think this could even more fun! I wonder if it’s possible to make a 2 player mode where face off against your friends. That would be cool.

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@kirbop Thanks! the Ink Placing was alittle hard too do and it just ignores sometimes
Also I’m Acutally working on P2 Controls! I’ll share when i’m done!

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Can’t wait!

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@kirbop All This Time That I haven’t posted in this Discussion…Is because Ive been working on multiplayer… It didn’t go well.
It Always crashes when You select 2 player mode. Ive decided im going to bag 2 player until I figure out the problem. Sorry Man

Can you send me the code

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Sure let me try

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