Bobo the Monkey - A platform game

I’ve really enjoyed using MakeCode Arcade. Coming mainly from Scratch I found the transition quite intuitive.

One issue I found was with the animation player. It’s great for quickly setting animations on static objects like coins but I couldn’t work out how to use it in conjunction with flipping the image horizontally. I handled it like I do on Scratch by using a variable that counts up and changes frames.

Another thing I noticed was that as the block editor began to fill up the responsiveness of the program really went down. Moving blocks was quite slow and even scrolling was sluggish.

There’s still things I would like to add to my game. One thing I would really like to add are moving platforms but I’m unsure about how to make this work since to my understanding the tilemap is static and set at the start. I thought about making the platforms as sprites but was unsure about how to handle the collision with the player. If I coded it as you would in Scratch with the player’s y position being set to the top of the block it could work but it would be a waste of the tilemap which I really thought was an elegant tool.


i love the art style! :slight_smile:

Really like the detail you put into this! The changing biomes is very cool.

Yes, the animations don’t work too well with flip image yet. This needs to be rethought a little.

Also agree that the block workspace slows down a lot. We have a couple things coming that should help.

As for moving platforms, @richard has been working on a game that does just that and also uses slopes but we’re unsure how to make it accessible for blocks.

Thanks :slight_smile: I can’t take too much credit though, most of the assets used are from Arcade’s gallery.

Keep up the good work, it’s really appreciated. It’s great to see how active the development is from watching the livestreams and checking the forums. Thanks for your brilliant Youtube guide too. It really helped me out.

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Reminds me of donkey kong country :slight_smile: . The thing Daryl mentioned is here:

TBH I don’t have any plans to revive it right now, but it was a fun experiment to write!

The main issue is that for slopes you need to define the “geometry” of a tile in addition to the image, and it ends up being pretty complicated to make tilemaps. I might look into doing just the moving platform part in the non-slopes physics engine later.


It’s really impressive what you did there @richard I know very little about JavaScript so I wasn’t able to see how it all works.

In Arcade, are collisions all handled through the overlap block? Could there be a way to make a sprite act like a wall from the tilemap? For instance, a block that switches collision on or off for a given sprite?

@SPerkins25 there isn’t a way to do that right now. Might be a good idea for a package



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The controller for this game is really good, with the easing of motion. Good job!

Mr perkins its me Thomas in year4 I am going to copy yor instructions and make the same game!

From your coding student :):):):slight_smile:

When I tried to open you project, all it gave me was the empty 1st line… even when the simulator still had the game.

I just realized that physics.ts has 4 errors:

  • Line 342: Argument of type ‘100’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘Fx8’
  • Line 361: Cannot find name ‘SPRITE_CANNOT_COLLIDE’
  • Line 467: Cannot find name ‘SPRITE_CANNOT_COLLIDE’
  • Line 471: Cannot find name ‘SPRITE_CANNOT_COLLIDE’

I can’t jump up to the first platform.

I just went back and played it again and it definitely is harder than it was when I made it. Not sure what might have changed though.

i think he is to slippery. can you fix that?

Is it okay if i make a bigger version. I will credit you.