Bug with the pixel art drawing window for animating

Hey @richard i found something that i am pretty sure is a bug
It didn’t look to happen Ll the time but sometimes it does.
If you have something drawn in the drawing window and the changes the animation speed it draws an outline around your picture with color the first number is representing
Here’s an example

Then when you change the first number this happens

I was able to remake the bug, but it doesn’t look to happen all the time

You might have accidentally found our hidden outline feature! It happens when you hold shift and press a hex number 0-F. Check to see if your shift key is getting stuck :slight_smile:

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I’m using ipad

@KIKIvsIT two things

  1. why is it a hidden feature
  2. I’m using an ipad so that shouldn’t work and it is really annoying when try to change the animation speed

Yeah, that sounds annoying. Is it happening whenever you type a number, or is the caps key locked on the iPad?

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It happens whenever i write a number :expressionless: