Can anyone make an extension for skewing?

if you don’t know what skewing is, look at this.

what i want is just an extension that can move the corners or edges of sprites.
it should have two blocks like;

[move (MySprite)'s [top-right corner▾] by x:(0) y:(-3)]
[move (MyImage)'s [top edge▾] by x:(10) y:(0)]

the “top-right corner” and “top edge” selections are just examples.

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Get this extension (click on the gear in the top right corner, click extensions, paste the link):

And you can use this block:

To skew an image!
I hope this helps!

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It might not be the kind of skewing you’re looking for, it’s more resizing, sorry.

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@jnegative yeah, you got the meaning of “skewing” incorrect.

Err, how do I import the extension? I think links don’t work for that.

Sorry, that’s the best I could find. You’d probably have to make it yourself.

Click on the link, then copy the link at the top of your browser. Paste that link into the search box in the extensions. An option for the extension should appear!
I hope this helps!