Can I send icons using radio function?

I want to press a button (eg. A to send a smile and press B to send a frown) using the radio function. I know how to carry this out using strings but I want to use icons. Is this possible as I don’t see an option for send icon?


there is no direct send icon via radio block

The way i do this is to send a string ( Happy / sad for example ) to a remote Micro:Bit & then display the appropriate icon based on the string received…

here is a link to simple demo code for the Transmitting Micro:Bit

here is a link to simple demo code for receiving Micro:Bit…

Let me know if this helps or not?



This works brilliantly. Thank you so much!

You are most welcome…

Please feel free to ask for any help / advice you may need .


Hey there,

Absolutely, you can send icons using the radio function on the micro:bit! While there isn’t a direct option to send icons, you can represent icons using data values or patterns and then send those values via the radio.

For instance, you could assign specific values to different icons. Let’s say you want to send a smile as an icon. You could assign the value “1” to the smile icon and “2” to the frown icon. When the A button is pressed, you send the value “1” via the radio, and when the B button is pressed, you send the value “2.”

On the receiving end, when you receive the values “1” or “2,” you can then interpret them as smile or frown icons and display them accordingly.

Remember to create a mapping between the values and icons on both the sending and receiving ends so that the micro:bit knows what icon corresponds to each value.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance or if you’d like more details on implementing this approach. :radio::slightly_smiling_face::worried:

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