Radio communication to send data from more than 2 MIcro:Bits

I am trying to build Micro:bits to send Light sensor data to one central M:B for data logging. I can use the radio to send the data between 2 M:Bs but was wondering how to have 5 different Micro:bits send the data to one central, which then logs all the data. Not sure how to differentiate the incoming information.

Hi @themrkitchen ,

You can use the radio send value (key) = (value) blocks in each sender. The “key” part would correspond to the column you want in your data log for the value. For example, if you had multiple microbits transmitting temperature, one may sent t1 for the key, another would sent t2, etc.

The corresponding on radio received (name) (value) block on the logger (reciever) would add the name and value to the log.

Here’s an example of a sender:

  • It sends temperature to be logged in column “t1” every 1 minute. It simulates a second microbit sending a second temperature to be logged in the “t2” column whenever button A is pressed.

And the receiver that saves them to the log:

  • Saves all the incoming data to the log file. A+B will clear the log. Shows incoming data with a flash on the screen.

You can get some sense of how it works by opening one in each panel of the multi-editor:

Thank you!

I tried playing around some more with the Serial Write functions since I couldn’t quite get the data logger that you just shared.

Oh, I see…The Data Logger blocks only work with the micro:bit v2. It looks like you’ve got v1’s.

I’m glad you were able to find a solution! Thanks for sharing!