Can Microbit V2 use the extra memory?

I would like to use the Bluetooth extension with 3 other extensions. On V1 the editor won’t allow this (I suppose because there is not enough memory).
But can the Makecode editor use the extra V2 memory? (I haven’t got one yet) .

It may help if you indicate which extensions you’re trying to combine. (Bluetooth reduces available memory, but it also has timing constraints that make it incompatible with some extensions. I suspect the timing constraints could still be a problem with some extensions even if memory isn’t)

Good point. They are DS3231 RTC, BMP280 (both are I2C devices), and DHT11 Temperature sensor.

But I don’t think that makecode editor “knows” which type of microbit you are going to download to. So I suspect it won’t help.

I don’t have all those specific devices, but I did a quick test project with all three extensions…It compiles/downloads/starts on a v2. Here’s a shared project:

Oh, I can’t see the Bluetooth or BMP280 extension in your test project.
I tried again and added Bluetooth first, then DS3231, but it objects at that stage, saying “Extension bluetooth is incompatible with pxt-DS3231”.
Thinking about it, MakeCode editor doesn’t “know” about the version of the microbit, so it can’t make use of the extra mem


Whoops…I think I forgot bluetooth. It looks like DS3231 explicitly requires “radio”, which then prevents “bluetooth”. It looks like you have a repo with pxt-DS3231…Try editing the pxt.json and removing the “radio” from the dependencies (and the comma on the preceeding line) and THEN try adding it followed by bluetooth.

Good spot - I did that edit on pxt.json and made a new release. But the problem persists.
Any ideas?
I wonder if I have to wait for the release to propagate.

You may have to go into JavaScript mode and click the reload button next to the extension files.

Interesting! I switched to JS and all the extensions loaded OK. Switched back to blocks and they still loaded.
Now to rewrite my project using BLE!

Thanks guys

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