Microsoft MakeCode

No MakeCode extensions for Bluetooth and other smart Adafruit hardware

Microsoft Makecode developers - Please do tell me why MM still has not cared to create extensions for lets say the nRF52840 bluetooth chip, as well as other hardware items?

These hardware items (from Adafruit) has been around for several years now, and can be found in various Python libraries.

And yes I would also like to have an extension for the Trellis 4*4 neopad, but that seems also to never going to happen.

So please create those extensions in MakeCode (both “MicroBit” and “.maker”) rather then falling many years behind.

I have just found out that while makecode for Micro:Bit gives the user the option of choosing between RGB and GRB led-strips, the makecode.maker does NOT. What a great deal by MM (Microsoft Makecode) developers.

They also have not done anything to give us block-programmers the opportunity to create great things with must of Adafruits super yet simple hardware like Ney-Trinkey or Neo-Trellis or…

Or for that matter letting us make good use of Bluefruit, enabling us the ability to control via bluetooth on our own terms.

Perhaps they do not WANT to be the ones making progress and advance forward rather then backwards.

MM has given just about NO response to my topic, and probably they never will. Why should they care!

If you like me like to program using the block-editing in makecode, please reply here.

Hi Wolfman2004! Thank you for being a passionate MakeCode user and Forum member, and taking the time to write to us. Love that you’re pushing the platform to do more! And I’d love to see some of your projects - what you’re doing sounds super cool :slight_smile:.

We’re a super small team, and while we’d love to do everything, there are only so many hours in the day. But, the good news is that we are an open source platform, and we have pretty good documentation on how to write extensions for MakeCode - MakeCode extensions. We’re happy to give tips/support if you want to try writing an extension for some hardware accessories. Also Adafruit has a great community - one idea might be to team up with some Adafruit Forum members to create something together? Adafruit MakeCode Forum

Hope this is helpful, and keep the suggestions coming!

To me it would be a bit much trying to figure out how to convert circuit python code or arduino code into something Makecode will accept.

That is actually why I am asking for the people behind Makecode to please do this for not just me but for the many people that uses Makecode block programming.

If I knew how to program in circuit python, I most likely would not be using makecode, due to the lack of hardware support / usage.