Can you make custom keyboard controls in Makecode Arcade?

Is it possible to make custom keyboard controls in Makecode Arcade? Like, is there an extension or something?

someone please notice this

There is if your still checking this conversation I can give you a link for a game that using the full keyboard

ok! (has to be at least 5 characters to post hahaha) here’s the link let me know if it doesn’t work @TheJaky

um… what am I supposed to do with this?

If you go to edit code there is an extension thas can be used for all keys

@Grimm the WASD controls are preset to work with makecode, so you don’t have to make custom keybinds. For full control of the whole keyboard, I believe that there is a Github repo that someone on this forum has made for this purpose. If you know this extension or you made it, just post it on this chat.

also I mean like making the f key make some code run or somethin’

i didnt make the extension i just found a project with the extension

Oh that’s great! Maybe share it here for @TheJaky

uhh idk if you can rebind the keys outside of the game (like while it’s being run), when I say there’s an extension for full control of the keyboard, it only affects what happens while your game is running, such as controls or functions.

I don’t mean rebinding the keys while the game is running. I mean kind of like making keys that dont do anything be able to be made usable

like making the L key make a sound in game everytime you press

You can always use 2 player controls

That extention is used to emulate keys on a keyyboard, so if you connected a meowbit programmed with that extention, it could be used as a keyboard.

Unfortunantley, no, it’s impossible to get more keybinds or controls

ok, thank you for the info!