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hi guys i’m making a new game and in this game i would like to use the keyboard extension but i don’t know how to use it so can someone shed some light on this ?? thanks

It’s not an extension. It’s in the game aisle. its going to be an oval block

The keyboard extension allows hardware to simulate a keyboard, so when you plug in the hardware, the computer thinks it’s a keyboard. You can use code to like do, When button A is pressed, press the enter key

I have a question regarding keyboard Ext. It only seems to work with a button pressed block and I would like to keyboard type in a logic function. Any help would be appreciated

These are the blocks you can find. the red blocks are made up variables i made.
@Fish and @isaacreisbr23

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so the keyboard extension will only work on hardware (meowbit, pybadge, pygamer, etc.) and it should just work if you have the device plugged in to the computer.

Basically, the device will pretend to be a keyboard and send key events over a protocol called HID


What is going on with the beta keypad extension? I have brought it into several boards by can’t seem to find the blocks

The should show up in the toolbox once you add the extension. like this:

Oh that extension. What’s the extension link?

Thx, I have that but the keyboard blocks do not work in a if function

They work in this block

This extension does not appear to show up in the blocks editor

I’m not familiar with that extension. @peli or @mmoskal might know

send me the link to this extension, please

The extensions I am referring to is from the makecode extension page and listed as a beta


This is an extension written for the Adafruit Neotrellis.