How to run my student’s games on a RaspberyPi arcade cabinet?

I am wondering what is needed to get this up and running. I have a beautiful cabinet that runs other Pi builds. I’ve tried using this

But all I get is a screen with a bunch of colours on it (see pic). image I’d really like to get my student’s games onto this cabinet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Could you try disconnecting all the headers and try again? What kind of raspberry pi 0 did you use?

There in lies the problem. I’m running it on a Raspberry Pie 3. I also have all the buttons going through a USB board.

I’m quickly learning that this needs to be through a Pie Zero. I ask don’t want to rip apart the wiring of my buttons to make this work as I have a nice build on my 3 that has over 10 000 games the kids love to play.

I’ll just run a zero with some joy bonnets. Coming out the side of the cabinet.

Time for a new build :slight_smile:

We now also support 3A+ (which probably isn’t the 3 you have). The Adafruit guide has the new image.

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