Hardware (Rasberry Pi zero)

So like… my game does only work if i save it as rasberry Pi… I have one and I want to play… do I need anything or can I just put it on there and play?
(Game is (search:) AMONG US (Work In Progress)) and the code is giant…

Here’s a guide we have set up for converting a raspberry pi zero into an arcade station: https://arcade.makecode.com/hardware/raspberry-pi/cardboard-control-panel (if you have anything on there before applying the guide you’d probably want to back everything up though!)

Specifically this page is about hooking up all the connections to the device itself: https://arcade.makecode.com/hardware/raspberry-pi/setup

And we have a few different ones of these guides, here’s some pointers to the raspberry pi zero ones:

The joy bonnet is likely the easiest if you want to go with that approach!

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Well… I have a rasberry pi and a mix of the cardboard Panel and the table… Basically a wooden panel… I am able to play different NES games with the panel with the rasberry pi! I hope it works… So if i download it as UF2 (select hardware > rasberry pi > download = game.uf2)
It says it has to be a .zip file but how do I make it from .uf2 to .zip? Something with 7-zip right? But which one then?

Thanks for your help! We kinda got it working… It shows the games that are on there (bunny hop, Jumpy platformer…) But then there was an issue … the input… I cant use the wooden panel (similar to the cardboard panel) because my raspberry unfortunally does not have pins… so we tried it with a 8Bit do contoller… It is this one!
But I dont have a micro usb to micro usb cable so we tried t with an adapter… but nothing…
Can you help me?

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All Raspberry Pis should have pins, but in the Pi Zero case, you need to solder them on. If you had, for example, a Pi 4, then it would already have pins soldered on for u.

Following up from the live stream, @mmoskal is our hardware expert, he might know about mapping the keys via USB?

I have that exact same controller (somewhere in my apartment…)! Shannon’s right, Michal will know~


Well if you have the controller it has to work right! :smiley:

Hello @mmoskal
I need help with hardware! I want to play my game on the raspberry pi zero. I kind of got it working… I saw the default games like bunny hop and jumpy platformer! But I tried to connect the raspberry with my 8 Bit do Gamepad and I had no control… makes sense I did not map it…
But is there supposed to pop up the mapping screen or do you have to do something?
I used a adapter so the cable liiks like this
Gamepad—micro USB--------------USB>USB to micro USB—Raspberry
Nothing happened… maybe the cable was broken… Is there supposed to pop up a menu for mapping?