Cannot reopen tutorial

Hi! When my student has lost the tutorial, usually they can go to their games and click their recent game (which shows how many steps have been completed, i.e., 6/7) and the tutorial will reopen at what they are missing. I have a student doing Shark Attack who has done everything but the background, but it doesn’t show how many steps have been completed and we cannot figure out how to reopen the tutorial to show how to do the background. Anyone? This is the Shark Attack game in the MakeCode Arcade, Hour of Code 2020.


Hello MrsBachuss!
That is quite strange… I tried exactly what you said but for me it worked… Maybe reopen the browser!? If that does not help then save the game > go back to the main screen (make new project screen) Press import on the top right side > Import file > pick the saved game and import!
If that also does not work I have no idea… I am also just a student…

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Thank you! I am new to this. I tried all of your suggestions, but they didn’t work. Thank you anyway!

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Ah, this is a bug! It happens when you click “Exit Tutorial” in one of the later steps of Shark Attack. Sorry about that! If it’s possible, I’d direct students to use the logo in the top left corner to return to the home screen.

In order to launch back into the tutorial, you can change the #editor at the end of the URL to #recipe:/recipes/shark-splash/01-character; this will return them to the first tutorial, but they can skip to the last step to get where they need to be!

Definitely a problem on the MakeCode end, I’ve filed this as a bug so that we can fix it in our next release!

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