Microsoft MakeCode

Tutorial Issues

I have students using the EV3 MakeCode to learn concepts while we are in online learning. The issue is some students are not able to reopen the tutorial where they previously left off and it starts a new project from the beginning. When they open their saved project the tutorial hints and steps are missing. I tried to see if we could copy all of their blocks and paste it into a new tutorial by starting at the step they left off on the previous day but, I cannot find a way to copy all of the blocks because they are separate and when you try to highlight it simply pans the entire code. The normal ctrl+click or shift+click also do not work and it simply highlights the last block you click. Are there any solutions for this or anything my students can do to pick up where they previously left off?

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Hey! Could you share the link to the tutorial you’re using? And when they exit the tutorial, are students clicking the “Exit Tutorial” button in the header, or the “Finish” button at the end of a tutorial?

This is the link the students are using:

I have tried to have students use both exit and finish and both times their progress was saved but, the prompts have disappeared at the top of the page and it simply saves their code as a normal project.