Can't Be Done? Snowy Slopes BrainPad


I’m trying to do something that maybe can’t be done but have been able to get rid of many errors , just 85 left. It seems to be value_ set velocity. I’d like to install this simple snowy slopes game from Arcade MakeCode into the classic BrainPad with the .96" OLED and then maybe hook up a 1.77" TFT screen to that BrainPad. I have done that with a second .96 . And I know the Snowy slopes game works on the new BrainPad Arcade. I’m just wondering how to get rid of the remaining errors so can attempt to upload the game to Classic BP. The game will not upload directly from Arcade MakeCode shared link.


value2.setVelocity(0, Speed) is just a block to set x velocity to 0 and y velocity to Speed at the same time; you can replace it with two separate blocks like

value2.vx = 0;
value2.vy = Speed;

and that part should work.


Thanks, working with students at library meet-up. We are trying add a custom sprite in multiplayer. We cannot see blocks. Can we add custom figure in JS and if so, how? We have only one multiplayer game as far as we know and would like to make our own. Space Destroyer is the game. Using one Meowbit and one GHI BrainPad Arcade with jacdac cable.


Hm, looks like that one’s using the built in sprites to make the code a bit more readable. Here’s a version with img`` tags:

If you go to the game file in the explorer, you should be able to open and edit the images in that version:


Brainpad is running an older version of the game engine so there might be bugs that we’ve fixed in arcade there.