Carrier 3D (unfinished work in progress)

In theory it’s possible, but I think that getting acceptable performance would be extremely difficult. Marching cubes creates a huge number of vertices and polygons, and the renderer I made can only do a few hundred polygons before performance dips into single digits on hardware. A version optimized for the emulator could likely do a bit better though.

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Yeah, I guess it would be pretty complex to create a grid with x/y/z in makecode, I just watched a YT video about the marching cubes algorithm and thought it would be a pretty efficient algorithm, but makecode doesn’t do well with grids in x/y, much less adding a z into the mix lol! I guess it could be possible, but rendering many tries would be tough for makecode.

This is so Cool! Keep working on it

Why is it unfinished?

I just haven’t been very motivated to continue working on it - it would take a lot of work to get interesting flight physics, and adding gameplay elements such as enemy AI or aerobatics point scoring would be difficult.

I think it would actually be easier if it were possible to make this a two-player game, for example using the cable connection for PyGamer, since then there’s no need to write enemy AI code. However, last I checked this wasn’t working: Hardware Multiplayer (game) - #39 by jwunderl . However, it’s currently a bit too slow to work properly on hardware, so that may not be feasible even if that’s implemented.


If the redscript community gets their network working, it could be possible to have this game work with online multiplayer!

I haven’t been following the redscript development closely - has there been any successful demo showing communication between two different computers? I saw this post by @E-EnerG-Gamecentral which I’d interpret to mean that communication is only working for two nodes within the same browser tab so far.


On the forum, I’ve not seen any successful communication between two different computers. Idk if they’ll actually get it working, but if they do, then you could possibly make this game into online multiplayer. I don’t think work has started on the networking side yet, so Idk if it’s possible to get working.

Well, Development on that just started… but don’t worry!
We will get the messaging system running and perform these tests!