Cashout Devlog

Figured I would start a devlog because of how long I think it’ll take to finish, and it would be interesting to receive feedback and suggestions. To start, here’s the second iteration of Cashout’s demo:

The controls are the same, and I’ve added a couple of quests, areas, weapons, and clothes. I would really appreciate anything you all have to say about it.

Day 2 Of Devlog:
Began work on a new sidequest, a new tilemap, and some new clothes. I didn’t get much done, but every bit’s important.

Day 3:
Finished the quest and did some bug squashing. Worked on Blow It Out, and it’s going well. I probably won’t be doing a daily update anymore, because I feel like regular reports of work and troubleshooting aren’t too interesting. I’ll be switching to updates when important things happen, such as updates on the main quest, alpha and beta releases, and new quests.