Making a Makecode Game Devlog #0

This is a devlog (Development Log) Meant to track all of the important milestones in a project. This develog will be revolving around a game that is called I can’t say yet. and will be updated via replies. I will post the updated game every devlog and you can reply for positive feedback on it. Right now, I’m figuring out what to create.

I’m waiting to see your work, it will be interesting to follow along on your progress !

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got anything yet

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Making a Makecode Game Devlog #1

Variable, Formula, and Asset Preparation.

I have decided on a game theme which is going to be a storyline game where you have to choose what you want to do. There will be many story lines in this game. Firstly, we need to get any Variables, Formulas, and assets (also possible story endings) ready for when our game comes out. I will name it in Devlog #2 but you get the feeling and the goal of this game.

The best games in MakeCode start with just the on start block. I decided to remove the on start block since I will not be using it yet. Instead, I will work on making variables. There is a variable that is very important for the storyline that I am planning to create and It will be called Storyline Section.
What I am planning for this to do is to start at 0 when the game begins, and as your score goes up (either that or you reach a checkpoint) It will change by 1 and activate another story line. I then decided to bring back the On Start Block along with a Set Storyline Section to (0) block.

I then decided that In the future when actually designing the game, you can change the storyline by 1 by 2 ways. Either as your score goes up, or If you reach a checkpoint or a certain tile. I decided not to copy and paste the If then statement in both options, so I decided to make a formula called Check for Change.
I won’t add this in the forever block just with if score = a number, do this, because then if a change appears, and somebody said hello (in the game) then until the score changes again or you go to a checkpoint, they’ll be saying hello forever and this might cause lag.

Instead, I will set the score to a number, pause for 50 ms, and change it back to 0. For this I can put a forever block here and say, if score is not 0, then set this variable to score. I am calling the variable (Previous Score). For now, I am just working on the score. I was able to get the score and previous score mechanics in code, but then I realized I had to make another variable. Total Score. This will combine both previous score and the checkpoints to get the overall score. This will be an If, then statement, so that it would only run if the score is not 0.

I wasn’t feeling good about this, because it rendered the Check for Change formula useless. I decided to change the property of Check for Change. Instead of Checking for a change in the score + a checkpoint (which can lead to bugs) It will check for change in the Total Score. I added total Checkpoints, but just as a placeholder for future reference.
I will not add Score to Previous Tile and update it this way, because, when the score resets to 0, the total score will reset, too. That is why instead, I will add Previous score to Previous Tile because mid-game or mid-storyline, it will not go to 0.

The Final Thing I did today was get the assets ready. The Main Character’s name is Sam. Since Sam can either be Samuel or Samantha, I was thinking of later allowing the player to choose Sam (boy) or Sam (girl)
That is it for Devlog #1 of making a makecode game, here’s the code for every thing done in this devlog (even though its not playable yet you can check out what might cause problems in the future and tell me about them so I will fix them later). :smiley:


I think this should be a category in the forums.

Making a Makecode Game Devlog #2

Sprite adding, and idea plotting.

It’s Devlog time, and I wanted to get working on my project. I’m naming this project The City Story. Last Devlog (Making a Makecode Game Devlog #1) I worked on Variables, Formulas, and Assets (oh my!) and that went well. Today, I am implicating the decision in the game where it allows you to choose Samantha or Samuel. I went ahead and grabbed the Story and Text Sprite extentions for this part.
After spending some time identifying where to place textSprite best, I destroyed it after you chose your avatar. I realized that at some point I would have to work on idle and moving animations for Samuel and Samantha which would take some time.
After that, I had this.

I then realized that I hadn’t implicated the amount for the score yet, so the forever loop didn’t know what it was. I added the Set score 0 on my on Start block so It would at least know that it didn’t have to do anything

Then I got to work for preparing for the animations. I added an if-then-else statement to determine if last answer was Samuel or Samantha, it would set the sprite Sam’s costume image to the simple character assets I made yesterday. I decided to let myself have a break and work on animations later in the development progress of Sam and the City. I decided to add a movement block and a 16x16 tilemap. This tilemap would be a placeholder for the future.

Here’s the code :
Stay tuned for Devlog 3

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this is helpful because i used to have a problem on choosing a character but now i know can i also help on the devlogs?

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Absolutely! :smiley: Maybe you can give some ideas on this (and other) projects

Maybe this can be a possible collab with users who want to! Also, I think that those on the forums can collab on the other project (the collab one) I have-

ok so for right now where just working on that game with samantha and samuel or can we also do others?

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but now that it’s about to be mother’s day i might not be active but maybe after that i can work on this

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Making a Makecode Game Devlog #3

Filling the Gaps and Polishing what is here so far

After reviewing The City Story so far, there is a lot to improve. Before we polish and fill in the gaps in the game, we should do under-the-hood improvements. Here’s what my code looks like so far.

I feel like if I don’t do anything about this, It will get very messy. I took a section of my code and put it in its own formula (below)
After this, my first fail came. Failed Cast on null. I needed to change a lot of order of on Start. This made It neater, but it was still messy.

After some tweaks to the on start, we had to sacrifice the border for neatness
image After this, I added a camera follow for Sam so you can follow his/her camera. Then I spent 10 minutes on the Idle animation, 10 more on the walking (left/right) animations, and another 10 minutes on the walking (up/down) animations. Check for Change was the next thing I needed to decide what to do, so I decided to use the code in the forever loop to help. Once it wasn’t 0 anymore, it would trigger the function and the action would go through an If then statement. If Score was 1 (in this case) the people will say either (hello there!, watch it!, or …). You will have a story person telling you (not sam) what to do.

In the case above, you need to find your friend - people look a lot like your friend - so you need to find the odd one out. There will be different types for each player, so when you overlap with one, the score will change (but not the overall score). I began with some interaction when the score changes. Some things will happen (that I can’t say yet) when you overlap someone. Then I added some story line and a you lose screen where you can try again, or stare at a blank screen.
The End Screen is a bit glitchy though- I think with some tweaks it can work. I did a lot today and overall, I am proud of it.

Here’s the link :

it was mother’s day yesterday…

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You can help with The City Story, and/or make your own devlogs! :smiley:

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Once I finish with the development of The City Story, I can do more devlogs revolving around updates.

yup but i also didn’t help because i went to another state i said that on the forum

ok :slight_smile:

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Devlog #4 is coming soon- did you know that you can play this with an Xbox remote (i tried) :smiley:

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cool! what about playstation i used to have an Xbox but then it didn’t work so i got a playstation

Yes, also ps4, and NS pro controller.

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