*Castle* Dodger

I won a pygamer device in a CTF a few weeks ago and I’ve been having fun with makecode for the past week. This is my first attempt at a playable and maybe fun game. Started work on this after going through the barrel dodger tutorial and then kept adding some stuff on top.

This is a very early state, but I have some ideas for more stuff that I could add:

  • Difficulty curve /Leveling
  • Life bar (maybe)
  • More enemy types, maybe some flying
  • Boss encounter? (no clue how that would work tbh)
  • Sound/music

Would love you hear your feedback on how it runs in it’s current state and suggestions for what would make it more fun.

PS: Many thanks to the team behind Makecode for making game programming so accessible and all the hand-holding through the tutorials


I love the sprites and the background! Very cool looking

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Thank you so much for checking it out! I changed the enemies so they’re not crates anymore (hence I cannot call it Crate Dodger either :smile:)

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The new sprites are :+1:

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Thank you! Working on publishing more updates soon.

The game is too hard. I cant jump over anything.