The Jolly Dodger

Here’s the main project I ended up submitting for the Ocean Jam. I definitely learned a lot putting this together and spent more time on it than I anticipated. The bug list is small enough for me to live with, for now, but please let me know what you find. I’ll probably end up doing updates at some point. I did try to reduce the amount of memory leaks and it runs fine on my Desktop, Laptop. The Pi zero was mostly good, but I don’t think it would run on anything lower power. (any testers?)

A to fire cannons, B to net sunken treasure.
You start with enough gold to buy two cannons. I suggest the starboard and port cannons, but the rear is also viable. Additional upgrades become available after finishing each level.

Github release:
You can also find “Soggy Socks” on there, which I also submitted to the Jam.

I’m always open to new ideas!


Okay - I guess there was a bug on the boss level that was pretty rough. I thought I could edit posts for 24 hours as a member, but that doesn’t seem to be correct so I’m posting this a reply.

I would suggest using the github link to play the most up-to date version, but here’s the updated direct link:

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You have to make good choice on which weapons to start with. This is a fun game.

This is the game I submitted for the Ocean Jam:
Shark Frenzy (


I noticed that the OceanJam had an option to enter a game through - I setup a page on there and it suggested creating a game trailer. As this is all just a learning experience, I decided to learn a little video editing with kdenlive. Video editing’s reputation is not overstated… Check it out.


This is the best game i ever played

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besssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! game ever!