Character animation help - going up

Hi there

I’m having trouble getting the right character animations to show when jumping or climbing up a ladder.

Here’s the demo:

What I would like:

  • When jumping, run the jumping-right or jumping-left character animation (dugong facing right or left with flippers outstreched in opposite direction).
  • When climbing up ladder, loop the climbing character animation (dugong facing the ladder, with tail moving up and down)

What I’m seeing however:

  • If I haven’t got to the ladder yet, and I jump from a standstill, then the jumping-right or jumping-left character animation plays as intended.
  • If I’m walking and jumping, then the jumping animation doesn’t play, and instead I sort of walk in the air.
  • The ladder-climbing character animation only appears once I’m at the top of the ladder.
  • If I have passed or climbed the ladder, then every time I jump, I’ll get the ladder-climbing character animation.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Okay- can I just say that the artwork on this is BEAUTIFUL!! I didn’t notice anything wrong with the animations. Perhaps the code is confused by hitting several buttons at the same time? Or perhaps its a bug on your end?

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Hopefully that helps. :slight_smile:
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Thanks @Kat – but I’m only responsible for the character animation. The tilemap is from an open source extension: Platformer Tileset


You’re a star - thank you


By the way, here’s where I’ve got to with this game… not much, but it’s a start, and I’m happy with the subtle animated background :slight_smile:


This is a really good concept. I like how the camera sprite moves the tilemap across the screen. You could have the player shoot Mario-like bullets that destroy when hitting a wall, or outside the screen, or below a certain y axis.

Thanks for the Platformer Tileset link! A great share that also led to the following sprite pack extension riknoll/grafxkid-tiles. :slight_smile:

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