Character Speech

I know this isn’t the best representation but is there a way to have a dialogue box with the speaking character’s profile?

I also found this one:
download - 2020-10-22T075902.827


Looks like a Gacha narrator box. (Don’t ask me how I know)

What you can do, is insert newlines (\n) into the show long text input. That is the equivalent of pressing enter, so instead of this:

UnsignedArduino: I love your idea of named dialog boxes! turning into this:

UnsignedArduino: I love your id-
ea of named dialog boxes!

You can input: UnsignedArduino:\nI love your idea of named dialog boxes! and that would result in something like this:

I love your idea of named dial-
og boxes!
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Thank you!

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How would I go about having the speaking character behind the dialogue box? Do you know?

Hmmm…I would probably just put the sprite that is speaking right above the dialog box. I don’t think there will be a need to animate it (unless blinking, etc.) because you can’t playback a recording of the character speaking or something like that.


Thank you so much!!

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Here’s an example:


Thank you! This helps a bunch!

BTW this uses three extensions:

  • animation
  • arcade-text by @darzu
  • riknoll/arcade-story by me
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We ended up doing this on stream! Here’s the finished product:


How do you know?


Well I just so happen to be a very curious fellow!

how do ya know hehe :>

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Someone I know used to use Gacha Club and the likes.

I’m assuming you took interest aswell considering you named a feature you saw in the games?

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This game is so cool

It is an interesting app! Often used for animations and stuff.

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Yeah, I’ve seen. A lot of the content can be garbage made by kids, however I’ve seen some projects that genuinely impressed me. Series with amazing writing, an elaborate storyline, fluid animations and whole teams of VAs.

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