Name Tag above Dialogue Box

Hi, new to the forums, and I had a question:

How can you make it so that during dialogue, the character’s name will show up above the dialogue box (sort of like The Phoenix’s Quest)?


WHY IS Phoenix’s Quest soo poplar!!!
So in Phoenix’s Quest we use the story extension

Witch has this block


Use the story extension’s print character text block and expand the block to use the label parameter.


Thanks so much!

Yo thanks so much! I recently played Phoenix’s Quest, and I understand why it’s so popular, it’s an amazing game! By the way, I did have another question on how you created that box where you can type your name?

LOL :joy_cat::joy_cat:the creators of Phoenix’s quest. Both responded to your question Mr @Vistonalo. It’s times like these that I
Like the approving system.

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Loll yeah it’s great!

here is the code for that
you can see it if you look inside the project
we used the ask for name block
… Phoenix quest took a week and it is one of my best games I
am really proud of the art I did in that thing

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This helps a lot! Thank you so much! Phoenix’s Quest is an awesome game, and the art is really amazing!

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